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Chicken Disease Detection using An Uncertainty Reasoning Method

Abstracts :
This paper presents chicken disease detection using an uncertainty reasoning method. DempsterShafer theory is a method about uncertainty reasoning. In this research, we are using DempsterShafer Theory for detecting chicken diseases and displaying the result of detection process. In this paper we use five symptoms as major symptoms which include depression, combs, wattle, bluish face region, swollen face region, narrowness of eyes, and balance disorders. Dempster-Shafer theory to quantify the degree of belief, our approach uses Dempster-Shafer theory to combine beliefs under conditions of uncertainty and ignorance, and allows quantitative measurement of the belief and plausibility in the identification result. The result reveals that Dempster-Shafer theory has successfully identified the existence of chicken diseases.

Chicken disease, uncertainty reasoning, dempster-shafer theory

Jurnal Publikasi STMIK Pringsewu By:
Andino Maseleno

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